Quality control within package printing processes is one of the key fields of application of fast, high-performance color line scan cameras. To this end, Irish machine vision specialist OneBoxVision has developed an "out of the box" solution for 100% inline inspection. The central component of this solution is a CCD color line scan camera by Chromasens.

To achieve 100% real-time inspection, the color and geometry specifications for the monitoring of the print design are first determined. All deviations are segmented, stored and displayed to the operator. Conor O’Neill of OneBoxVision states: “With this finely tuned solution of camera and lighting, we have complete control over color management and white balance.”

As numerous examples from the packaging industry demonstrate, fast and high-performance line scan cameras are destined to play an increasingly important role in real-time inspection. Further applications are likely to result from the ability of these cameras to perform fast and accurate color measurements. Moreover, in the future, the use of color line scan cameras will open up new possibilities for rapid 3D inspection.

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