Lakesight Technologies appoints new Group Chief Executive Officer

Lakesight Technologies, a leading buy-and-build platform in the machine vision sector, has appointed Peter Tix as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) as of 1st December. Peter Tix will take the lead in developing and implementing strategies at Lakesight Technologies to rapidly expand its market position and take advantage of the company's growth potential both organically and through M&A.

Lakesight Technologies is a machine vision platform aimed at building a European leader in the industry. It is backed by Ambienta, a leading pan-European private equity firm focused on industrial growth investing in companies driven by environmental trends and technology. Through the support of Ambienta which first invested in the business in 2012, Lakesight has grown into a global player in machine vision, a key pillar in the Industry 4.0 revolution.

As an industrial engineer, Peter brings in-depth experience in setting up and managing a globally active group division. Most recently, as Head of a Group Division of Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG, he was responsible for the production and worldwide distribution of consumables and computer-to-plate machines. During his time there, Peter had an international business focus and extensive global sales experience in B2B. He employed multi-channel approaches, along with digital tools and processes and managed to successfully restructure business areas, while opening up new sales markets with an innovative product portfolio.

Mauro Roversi, Partner and Chief Investment Officer of Ambienta, commented: “Peter is an accomplished executive with a wealth of experience in the graphic investment goods industry and we have every confidence in him as the new CEO of Lakesight. He brings significant international industry knowledge, leadership know-how, operational experience, extensive M&A expertise and comprehensive technical and commercial skills. Lakesight has made a material contribution to the environment, through massive resource efficiency injected into the production processes, as well as lower emissions relating to both traffic and railways. We look forward to working with Peter to build on this success, realign Lakesight's strategy and grow the business profitably."

Peter Tix said on the occasion of his appointment: “I am very excited to be joining Lakesight. The company has grown from strength to strength under Ambienta’s ownership to become a leader in the global machine vision sector and an excellent example of the Industry 4.0 revolution. The firm has fantastic growth potential and I very much look forward to contributing to its continued success.”

About Lakesight Technologies

Lakesight Technologies is a European buy – and build platform backed by Ambienta aimed at building an European leader in the machine vision sector. Machine vision is a large fast-growing market characterized by high fragmentation, where 90 percent of suppliers have a turnover below €10 million. Small machine vision companies, despite their strong innovation capabilities, have similar size-related issues such as narrow product offerings, small and local sales teams, limited access to management resources, lack of strategic focus and investment constraints. Lakesight aims at overcoming these issues by establishing a European platform comprised of smaller synergic players that can share sales channels, management resources and investment programs. Lakesight’s end goal is to create a unique machine vision player with global ambitions. Lakesight Technologies Holding GmbH is based in the Munich area and currently controls three highly complementary and synergic companies: Tattile (since 2012), Mikrotron (2015) and Chromasens (2017). For further information please visit

About Ambienta

Ambienta is a leading European private equity fund operating out of Milan, Düsseldorf and London, focused on industrial growth, investing in companies driven by environmental trends. With funds under management of over €500 million, the world’s largest capital pool for this strategy, Ambienta has invested in more than 20 companies in the area of resource efficiency and pollution control. For further information please visit