Chromasens - Technological Milestones


  • Chromasens devlops the allPIXA evo 8k.


  • Chromasens introduces first SWIR line scan camera.


  • Chromasens introduces new coaxial illumination.


  • Chromasens introduces a new family of GigE cameras, allPIXA evo.
  • The 3DPIXA family is expanded by 3D Pixa compact 10 μm, the first Chromasens 3D camera with CMOS sensor.
  • The new Chromasens chromaPIXA line scan camera is designed for high demands on color stability and color accuracy.


  • Chromasens expands 3DPIXA family of 3D line scan cameras with two new models featuring an exceptional image quality.
  • Chromasens introduces allPIXA wave camera family featuring the world's first trilinear true color RGB line scan sensor with more than 10000 pixels.
  • On basis of its multispectral camera truePIXA, Chromasens develops an Inline Color Measurement System for the print inspection, trueSCAN.


  • Development of a new CMOS-sensor family.
  • Development of a high-resolution 3D line scan camera with 2µm resolution.
  • High-performance LED lighting for mirroring surfaces.


  • Corona II: launch of a special light field variant and tunnel illumination.
  • Market launch of the allPIXA pro high-performance color camera.


  • Market launch of the Chromasens truePIXA spectral camera technology.
  • Chromasens unveils its 3D-PIXA series for surface measurement.


  • Business expansion into Asia.


  • Development of a camera-based inspection system for the highly precise measurement and positioning of robotically-controlled elements.
  • Unveiling of a 12-channel multi-spectral camera system for space-resolved spectral image capturing with spectral reconstruction.
  • Launch of the 170 MPixel/s allPIXA line scan camera.
  • Launch of Corona II line illumination with an illuminance of up to 2,500,000 lux.


  • Development of a line scan sensor-based stereo camera system for the quick, simultaneous measurement of the 3D shape, 3D texture and 3D colour of a surface.


  • Chromasens develops an inline checking system for the authenticity checking of bonds.
  • Chromasens launches the Corona line illumination system on the market.


  • Chromasens launches its in-house developed color camera system ALEOS on the market.


  • Semiconductor inspection system for the quality assurance of 300 mm wafers.
  • Special color LED illumination systems for image capture and image analysis.
  • Chromasens develops a 3D image capturing system for the simplified capturing of books.


  • High speed camera systems for checking print quality, sorting and authenticity validation.


  • High-definition color capturing system for capturing historical documents.
  • Special scanner for 3D capturing of fingerprints.