The allPIXA evo 8k / 10k / 15k with CoaxPress interface unleash the full speed of the multi-line CMOS sensor with line rates of up to 100kHz for color (8K) and 68.4 kHz (10k and 15k). The sensor provides images with CCD quality with high-resolution by using the fast 4 x CoaXPress interface.

With versatile frame trigger and encoder options the allPIXA evo 8k / 10k / 15k is the best choice for all high speed and high-resolution web and print inspection applications. For easy integration, the allPIXA evo comes with the intuitive graphical tool GCT for Windows and Linux, which works with all GenICam compliant CXP frame grabbers.

In this video you can see the allPIXA evo CXP 15k in a wafer surface inspection live demo in high-speed.
The Corona II Darkfield module makes contaminations like dust particles clearly visible:

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  • Flat Panel Display Inspection
  • Printed Circuit Board Inspection
  • High-resolution Document
  • Scanning
  • Wafer and Semiconductor Inspection
  • Print and Label Inspection
  • Web and Foil Inspection
  • Postal Sorting (parcels and letters)
  • Food Inspection and Sorting
  • High Quality Surface Inspection
  • Pharma Packaging and Print Inspection
  • Wood Inspection
  • General Machine Vision

See the data sheet for more details: