Our camera-systems and solutions have been created to match applications in these market fields:
Industrial image processing 'Made in Germany'

High-quality image acquisition in 2D and 3D through standardized image processing components and individually developed customer-specific systems.

Chromasens develops and produces both standardized image processing components - such as line scan cameras, spectral cameras, 3D stereo cameras and LED lighting - as well as OEM solutions that are individually tailored to customer requirements.

TechTalk Webinars

We are participating in 4 TechTalk webinars on machine vision, 3D metrology and embedded vision.

Technical Note - Semiconductor wafer inspection using allPIXA wave

Capturing yield limiting defects is crucial for semiconductor wafer devices yield. Here we describe how semiconductor wafer manufacturing can take advantage of its ultra-high resolution 15,360 pixels and rich features to advantage of in-line inspection systems allPIXA wave Trilinear color and mono TDI line scan camera.

Connector pin inspection

This report is an example how to use a 3DPixa and the 3DAPI to implement a measuring task for connectors.

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