Leading high-performance 2D and 3D line scan vision solutions
for high-speed inspection, surface inspection and quality control

Chromasens is a worldwide leader in line scan based machine vision solutions and industrial image processing. We design, develop and manufacture high performance line scan cameras, LED lighting systems and OEM customized vision solutions for machine builders and system integrators.

Our high-performance line scan cameras and LED line lights are used in a wide range of industries and applications such as factory automation, surface inspection, quality control, classification, object and defect detection, thus ensuring our customers' competitive edge.

allPIXA line scan cameras with CCD and CMOS sensors offer high-performance imaging in Mono, RGB, NIR and SWIR for all high-speed inspection tasks.

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3DPIXA 3D stereo line scan cameras offer high-resolution color images and 3D heigh map in one scan for electronics and surface inspection.

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Corona II LED line illumination systems offer powerful focussed light sources for unique image quality that makes the smallest defects in the inspection visible.

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Beyond standard components, we customize machine vision solutions according to your needs and develop tailor-made integrated modules.

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Our camera-systems and solutions have been created to match applications in these market fields:

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