allPIXA Alignment Adapter

Chromasens allPIXA Alignment Adapter is a unique tool, which allows precise and
fast alignment of allPIXA line scan cameras with GCT software.

Features and Benefits

  • Reduces the time for set-up, maintenance and replacement of allPIXA cameras
  • Precise and fast alignment of one, or several, high-resolution cameras
  • Optimal for camera and lenses with a narrow focus range
  • Alignment in several axes with one hex wrench
  • Compact mechanical design for allPIXA camera series
  • Adjustment cockpit with real time feedback for GenICam

Components of the Aligned Camera System

Precise and fast software guided alignment

  • Position
  • Sharpness(MTF)
  • Field of View
  • Resolution

Alignment Possibilities

Position in pixel

Modulation Module

Angle in degree

Article No.


Alignment Adapter Mechanical adapter with alignment plates and camera adapter plate
Mechanical Compatibility allPIXA neo, allPIXA evo, allPICA pro, allPIXA wave, allPIXA swir
Software compatibility allPIXA neo, allPIXA evo
Dimensions (H x W x D) 210mm x 100mm x 30mm
Weight 1 kg
Tools Alignment with one hex wrench