•  Inspection of solar cells
  • Inspection of wire bonds in power electronics
  • Foil inspection in battery cell production
  • 3D surface inspection of battery housings
  •  2D & 3D inspection of fuel cell components
  • Connector inspection in the field of power electronics & eMobility
  • PCB testing


The most important requirements for vision systems at a glance:

  • High optical resolution in 2D to detect even the smallest defects
  • High-resolution 3D data for reliable characterization of the smallest surface defects
  • Fast image acquisition and high image transmission rates
  • Blooming fixed sensors, with a high dynamic range and low noise
  • 3D imaging for three-dimensional surface characterization
  •  Multi-channel flashing to capture up to four images with different parameters or illumination geometries in one pass
  • Powerful line lights with different configurations of geometry, light color and cooling
  • Precise trigger synchronization for multi-camera image acquisition
  • Compatibility with standards such as GigEVision and GenICam