The Chromasens line scan cameras offer new approaches for the color-accurate capture of objects.

The chromaPIXA has an internal FPGA-based color calculator which converts the color information of the CCD sensor on-the-fly into standard output color spaces. Algorithms are used which allow a more precise transformation than the usual 3x3 matrix transformation.

The chromaPIXA works with 3 input channels and therefore has the same scanning performance as the allPIXA pro.

  • Highly sensitive CCD line sensor with 3 color channels
  • High-resolution sensor up to 7,300 pixels
  • Speed up to 50.8 kHz
  • Interfaces CameraLink Base, Medium, Full (80/64 Bit)
  • Output format sRGB, CIE-L *a*b* or CIE-XYZ