Whether for sorting and separating seeds and vegetables, packages or plastics and waste, the applications in the field of sorting are manifold.

Extensive automation in the food and agricultural sector is essential to ensure efficient food production in industrialized countries. Fully automated sorting is a basic prerequisite for efficient raw material recycling.
Due to the natural limitations of raw materials and increasing global consumption, recycling will grow strongly in the coming decades.

Seeds, grains, cereals, dried fruit & vegetables, coffee
The goods have to be sorted. Insects, stones, dirt etc. must be eliminated and the selected goods can be differentiated in different categories, e.g. durum wheat & soft wheat.

Fruit, vegetables
Depending on the destination of the products the type of machines change, especially in the part of handling the fruit. The selection criteria can be color, shape, degree of maturity, defects and weight of the goods. Photos of the fruit/vegetable must be taken from different angles while moving to make a full inspection of the different criteria.

The products to be selected are glass, plastic, paper and metals. Glass can be divided by color. Plastic can be sorted by the type of polymer (e.g. PET vs PVC vs Acetates) or by the size of the pieces.

Coal & Stone