The new and innovative Line Scan Vision Platform from Chromasens is a modular and fully-scalable an "all-in-one" vision inspection solution with several cameras in a row for extra-large scan widths in high-resolution. Equipped with line scan cameras and LED line light modules as well as lenses, lens adapters, cables and a camera alignment adapter, it is built from a modular and scalable framework.

It simplifies the design of a complete line scan vision system and allows machine builders and system integrators to configure a complete vision inspection system to fulfill their individual requirements. This platform is a great solution for all high-speed inspection tasks.


The system contains the use of all Chromasens line scan camera families (Mono, RGB, NIR, SWIR) with line lengths from 4k to 15k. With our latest camera model allPIXA neo, line rates up to 300 kHz (mono) are possible with a small installation space. A wide range of lenses from different vendors are matching all sensor lengths and required resolutions.


The platform allows to combine all light types of the Chromasens LED Corona II series covering almost any kind of light geometry and light color, such as dark field, bright field, dome light, combined dome light, and coaxial lights with an illuminance up to 3,500,000 Lux (darkfield).
In particular, light combinations are also possible, e.g., to realize multi-field image capturing with different lighting conditions in a single system using the multi-flash function. Lights are available in white, red, green, blue, and also in UV, NIR and SWIR. The platform is optimized for, but not limited to, Chromasens cameras and light modules.


To make the line scan vision system complete, all additional required components like cables, network adapters frame grabbers and light controllers are provided as well. The Chromasens Alignment Adapter and the Alignment Target are a great help in setting up the system quickly.


In addition to the hardware aspects, Chromasens offers the user-friendly GCT software for GenICam cameras, which allows easy configuration and calibration of the cameras. Graphical user interfaces are provided to quickly set up any kind of camera feature.


All used cameras and lighting components fulfill the requirements of demanding high-speed applications, such as:

Print, Packaging & Paper
Web Inspection

Multiple Line Scan Camera System

Camera and Lens

Multiple Aligned Cameras

Versatile Light Options

Rigid Mounting Frame

See the capabilities of the Chromasens Line Scan Vision Platform in our product video:

In this short interview you can get a quick explanation how the system works on a live demo using EV battery foil as inspection task:

Compatible with the following products:


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