The performance of an image capturing system is influenced by the combination of its individual components. Optimum results in industrial image capture can be achieved if the components fit perfectly with customer-specific requirements.

The engineers and scientists at Chromasens have been dealing with the conversion of light into corresponding signals for more than 22 years. Both a diligent design and the selection of suitable CCD or CMOS sensors documented by numerous measurements are fundamental to exceptionally good camera systems. Our current sensors capture the visible spectrum and near infrared from 360 to 960 nm. By using the most suitable sensors we develop highly optimized camera systems for our customers up to complex scanning systems.

Whether fluorescent objects or infrared colors – illumination is an essential component that we develop to suit your specific application. Engineers trained in light technology and mechanical engineering carry out material research for us. They evaluate new technologies and develop special manufacturing processes for optical surfaces. State-of-the-art measurement and analysis facilities, such as the ZEMAX optical development software, are available. Thus, customer-specific high-performance illumination for most varied wavelengths, including the UV, VIS and IR ranges, is created in close cooperation with universities and LED manufacturers.

Chromasens truePIXA technology with its spectral camera system is the ideal basis for the most exigent color measurement technology demands (e.g. in printing technology). It allows complete object color measurements in the Lab color space to be made at lightning speed and at any desired location, thus enabling absolute statements to be made based on ∆E.

Chromasens has also developed a new kind of process for color 3D surface measurement based on our own, trilinear CCD line scan camera technology. The variable system is based on stereoscopic capture and supports accurate height measurement to a resolution of 1 µm.