In the packaging industry, versatile raw materials are used in production and finishing. High-resolution line scan cameras are used for quality control, especially in printing, where the quality of the packaging is largely determined.

Applications in packaging printing:

  • Sheetfed offset printing (paper, cardboard)
  • Roll to roll offset printing (paper, foil)
  • Flexo printing (foil)
  • Digital printing (paper, cardboard, foil)
  • Metal arc coating
  • Web inspection of the raw materials

Foil printing machine

Fully integrated inspection module

The main requirements for cameras for the printing and packaging industry:

  • High optical resolution to detect even small defects
  • Fast image acquisition and high image transfer rates
  • Precise trigger synchronization for multi-camera image acquisition
  • Compatibility with standards such as GigEVision and GenICam
  • High color fidelity and reproduction
  • Highest quality and reliability for 24/7 usage

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