Challenging optical inspection tasks can only be optimally solved if the entire vision system is ideally adapted. When highest quality and speed are required from quality inspection in a continuous production process, line scan camera systems are the first choice.

Chromasens has more than 15 years of experience in the development and production of optimised line scan camera systems, which are optimised for a wide range of applications, we are the 'Line Scan Experts'. The fields of application range from inspection in packaging printing to the inspection of semiconductor wafers in the various process stages. Our experts develop the ideal camera as the basic technology, reflector systems for optimised illumination of the object, fully integrated vision systems and also the necessary algorithms for high-performance analysis of the image data.

allPIXA SWIR is the ideal solution for material identification, sorting of recycling materials, fruit, vegetables, seeds, grains and qualification of food. 

Less waste and faster job changes. These are the challenges for offset printing. Through innovative camera technology and perfected colour reproduction, Chromasens helps to realise these goals.

High optical resolution and true colour image capture at impressive speed are the challenges for the ideal image capture system in digital printing.

The highest demands in terms of product quality and plant profitability pose great challenges for image processing.

Increasing online trade leads to an increase in automation in logistics centres. Chromasens offers solutions to improve productivity.