3DPIXA based solutions show their full potential if highest resolution and data quality in 2d and 3d is required at the same time. The line scan camera based stereo imaging system offers resolution up to 15360 pixels in 3D and full color. The FOV and the resolution of the system is highly scalable, enabling a large variety of applications employing the same technology.

The 3DPIXA meets the highest requirements in the automotive industry to inspect electrical connectors 100% fully automated with high precision at tremendous speed.

High precision measurement of 3D shape and height of BGA‘s, substrate surface and defect detection is achieved with the Chromasens 3DPIXA solutions.

Chromasens 3D solutions provide the highest resolution and speed to meet the demands of road surface inspection with perfect detection of defects like cracks, uneven surfaces and potholes in 2D and 3D.

The challenges of sealing surface inspection in the automotive industry can be overcome with maximum resolution and a very large field of view with 3DPIXA solutions.