Camera Configurator

Chromasens provides line scan cameras with maximum demands on signal quality and throughput performance.
But a camera can only meet high expectations if it is combined with a suitable optical system. For area scan cameras, this task can be solved comparatively easily with standard connectors such as F-mount or C-mount. Line sensor cameras usually offer much higher resolutions in the line which means that the sensors are larger and therefore the requirements for the necessary image circle of the lens increase. Chromasens has a long experience in building high quality camera systems and therefore has a large portfolio of more than 50 lenses suitable for line scan cameras.

Most of these lenses do not have a standard connection and it takes a lot of effort and experience to define suitable lenses for the application  and to determine the necessary components for connection to the focus unit and then to the cameras.
To support our customers in this task, Chromasens has developed a camera configurator. This initially allows a pre-selection from Chromasens' range of cameras.

The use of the configurator is possible without login. A login is required to access our database, to use the report generator and to send a request.

How does our Camera Configurator work?

After entering the geometric specifications for the planned application, the configurator suggests a selection of suitable objectives. Once a lens has been selected from this, a drawing to scale is generated and the geometric data listed. If the required field of view cannot be covered by one camera, additional cameras are added.

For this case, another view of the complete system with all cameras is added. A report generator provides the optical system data and the corresponding technical drawings clearly arranged as a PDF document for download. The configurator allows a quick switch between camera selection and lens selection, so that different configurations of camera and lens can be tested with little effort.

In a second step, further suitable components such as frame grabbers and connection cables can be added to the selected configuration. After this selection has been sent to Chromasens, a sales representative will contact you shortly to clarify any outstanding technical details and to discuss the delivery procedure.