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Application Challenges:

  • Object height varying from 2 to 200 mm
  • Plastic wrappings on mail pieces or parcels

Your Chromasens solution:

  • High resolution, imaging speed and image quality and low costs
  • Constant brightness for different object heights
  • Parallel beam regarding to mounting surface
  • Exchangeable polarizing filter
  • Polarizer to remove reflections caused by the windows of the letter
  • Advanced trigger functions for image size depending on the letter size
  • Chromasens lens optimized for 200 dpi with fixed f-stop for high mechanical stability
Camera Res/Pixel FOV Speed Lens Illumination Controller Others

allPIXA pro 4k

200 dpi


500 mm


typ. 1 m/s


Chromasens Lens
NCO35 35 mm/5.0

Illumination RMS-375-PAR



CP000395    Adapter-MF-D27
CP000418     ModularFocus  
CP000386      allPIXA Adapter-MF
Cable LED module – XLC4