Road Inspector - Road Surface Inspection

Application Challenges

  • Inspecting and classify defects as cracks, uneven surfaces and potholes
  • Compact system on the vehicle is required, covering a wider area than the width of the vehicle itself
  • Road inspection​ / pavement profiling with extremely large field of view at maximum resolution
  • High-speed

3D Solutions

  • 3DPIXA dual + highly efficient patented illumination
  • Greatly wider road than the overall compact width of the illumination itself ​is illuminated
  • Reliable detection of defects with data of the 2D images and the matching 3D data
  • Calculation of the 3D data can take place in postprocessing after the image acquisition with GPU accelerated high speed calculation
Camera Res/Pixel FOV Speed Illumination Controller Others (SW, accessories)

3DPIXA pro dual 615 µm

615 µm

4400 mm

105 km/h with spatial
transport resolution 1 mm

Road Inspection illumination

2x XLC4-1A LED Controller

CS 3D API / Dongle /
2x CC02138 Cable Road Illumination