Sealing Surface Inspection

Application Challenges

  • Inspecting sealing surfaces and identifying and classifying cavities, unevenness and foreign parts
  • Inline 100% cylinder head inspection​ with extremely large field of view at maximum resolution
  • High speed, high production throughput


3D Solutions

  • 3DPIXA dual at 10-30µm/Pixel
  • Defect detection in 2D and 3D ​
  • diffuse tube light / dark field
  • GPU accelerated high speed 3D measurement
  • High dynamic range
  • High measurement accuracy with a very large field of view  up to 450 mm
  • Stable and reliable inspection even in case of surface contamination
Camera Res/Pixel FOV Max. Speed Illumination Controller Others (SW,  accessories)

3DPIXA wave dual 10 µm

10 µm

150 mm

184 mm/s

Tube Light


Combined Illumination CP000606

2x XLC4-1A

LED Controller


CS 3D API / Dongle

3DPIXA wave dual 30µm

30 µm

450 mm

552 mm/s