GCT 2.4.0 Update - New Features!

Mon, 2021-03-08

We have updated our GCT2 (GenICam Camera Tool). Whats new?

  • Chromasens allPIXA Alignment Adapter is added. Chromasens allPIXA Alignment Adapter is a unique tool, which allows precise and fast alignment of allPIXA line scan cameras with GCT
  • Image view is updated to display 4 channel image output, horizontal line plot and histogram
  • DSNU/PRNU reference image creation process is simplified, the quality of the generated reference image can be measured and the dialog is updated

Everything is explained in this Video via Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fwFD0wuIpP0

Do you have any further questions? Please contact our technical support via email: support@chromasens.de or phone +49 7531 876-500.