allPIXA SWIR 1K GigE C-Mount


allPIXA SWIR and Corona II illumination –
Real time, non-destructive inspection and sorting process with fast line rate and high sensitivity.

allPIXA SWIR is the first short-wave infrared line scan camera in Chromasens' allPIXA family.
The state-of-the-art InGaAs sensor in a compact footprint allows its integration for multiple machine vision applications and is covering an extremely wide wavelength range from 950 to 1.700 nm

allPIXA SWIR offers an uncooled sensor with 512 and 1k resolution and 12.5 μm pixel size for high resolution, high sensitivity and a line rate of 40 kHz. GenICam compliant GigE Vision and CameraLink interfaces allow an easy integration into existing machine vision systems.

Materials that look identical to the human eye can be differentially visualized in the SWIR spectrum. All Materials absorb light in different ways. Within this wide wavelength range, many substances can be identified by their typical absorption characteristics and they can easily be distinguished.

Typical applications are plastic sorting, seed & grain sorting and substance determination or detection of impurities in pharmaceutical processes.


Chemical Identification

Description ID & Code
allPIXA SWIR 512 GigE C-Mount CP000700-IR-512-GE-001
allPIXA SWIR 1K GigE C-Mount CP000700-IR-01K-GE-001
allPIXA SWIR 512 CL C-Mount CP000700-IR-512-CL-001
allPIXA SWIR 1K CL C-Mount CP000700-IR-01K-CL-001
Technical Specifications
InGaAs Zeilensensor
Number of pixels
1,024 x 1 pixel
Active pixel size
12.5 µm x 12.5 µm
Max. Line rate
40 kHz
Data format
8, 10, 12 Bit
Gigabit Ethernet (1000BASE-T, RJ45)
Digital input
3x RS422 or LVTTL (single ended)
Digital output
2x RS422
Trigger mode
Free run / external trigger / software trigger
Protection class
Spectral sensitivity
950 nm to 1.700 nm
C-Mount, other adapters on request
EN 61326-1:2013
EN 62311:2008
Power supply
12 V to 24 V DC +- 10%, 6 W
Operating temperature
-10 °C to 50 °C (housing temperature)
Length=62 mm, Height=62 mm, Depth=52 mm
Detailed drawings and 3D-models can be found in the Download section.
Data Sheet
Title Download
allPIXA SWIR Data Sheet *.pdf
Technical Drawings
Title Download
allPIXA SWIR Camera Link *.pdf*.zip
allPIXA SWIR GigE *.pdf*.zip
GCT (GenICam Camera Tool)
Title Download
GCT v1.x *.exe
GCT manual v1.x *.pdf
GigE Vision Communication Library (Sphinx)
Title Download
Read me first! *.txt
Manual Sphinx GenICam-Library *.zip
Sphinx GenICam-Library *.zip
Cable & Connector
Title ID & Code
allPIXA Power Supply Cable (1.5m) CP000430
allPIXA Power Supply Connector only CP000459
allPIXA Power Supply Cable (5.0m) CP000504

Perception of the
human eye

SWIR image in 1100 nm
as grey scale

SWIR image in 1300 nm
as grey scale

In this video you can see the allPIXA SWIR and Corona II illumination in a substance determination live demo at high speed:

allPIXA SWIR is the ideal solution for material identification, sorting of recycling materials, fruit, vegetables, seeds, grains and qualification of food. Contaminants and foreign objects (e.g. stones) in Seed & Grain Sorting can easily be detected.

Seed & Grain Sorting (coffee beans)

Perception of the
human eye

SWIR image
stone detection

Recycling, Plastic Sorting, Nondestructive Testing and Other Applications

In the SWIR range the camera can see through many printing inks, plastic, silicon, packaging materials, and can thus be used for non-destructive testing.

For example

  • Fill Level Measurements
  • Presence Checks
  • Semiconductor Inspection
  • Recycling
  • Plastic Sorting

can be carried out even through the closed packaging.

Perception of the
human eye
SWIR analysis using
filters in 1150nm,
1200nm & 1450nm

Humidity measurement is also a great help for qualification of food (fruit, rot, bruises). In addition to the moisture content, the SWIR range can also be used to determine the sugar, starch, alcohol and acid content of many samples, for example, to determine the freshness or degree of ripeness of food. Also several gases that are completely transparent in the visible range can be easily detected in the SWIR range.

allPIXA SWIR and Corona II illumination:
Chromasens is offering a complete solution package with cameras and dark field LED illumination modules for fast inspection and sorting processes using SWIR technology.

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