allPIXA neo. Fast and versatile power cube.
Compact design with high performance multispectral sensor.

The new allPIXA neo CMOS line scan camera delivers highest performance in mono, RGB and NIR with 4k / 6k resolution. Equipped with 10 GigE and CoaXPress interfaces it is the best solution for all high-speed and web inspection tasks. With its small size, it enables simple and scalable integration in small installation spaces.

This industrial line scan camera family sets new standards for inspection. It is based on quadlinear CMOS sensors and opens up possibilities in sorting by combining multispectral RGB + NIR imaging technology.


Multispectral line scan sensors with excellent signal to noise ratio allows to accurately capture images in high quality. Small pixel sizes of 5 µm and 7 µm enable shorter sensor lengths, allowing a more compact design and the use of standardised M42 and F-mount lenses. The camera delivers best results at high speeds thanks to the high sensitivity of the sensor.


The camera series provides the industrial interface standards 10 GigE and CoaXPress with cable lengths up to 100 m. The interfaces enable Power over Ethernet (PoE) and Power over CoaXPress (PoC).


The 10 GigE interface enables easy and economical integration with line rates up to 90 kHz in color and 270 kHz in mono. CoaXPress interfaces reach maximum speed with line rates up to 105 kHz in color and 300 kHz in mono.


For easy setup, the camera comes with intuitive Chromasens GCT software compatible with Linux/Windows. The included SDK enables fast implementation in complex industrial machine architecture via GenICam standard.



The allPIXA neo line scan camera series exceeds the requirements of demanding applications, such as material sorting, web inspection and general machine vision tasks.

The additional NIR channel available provides useful information that is not visible in the RGB wavelength spectrum and adds valuable information beyond the RGB images. As a result, the inspection  identifies an even greater number of defects on the objects examined or foreign parts, for example in food sorting.

High-speed Web Inspection
Food Inspection
Battery Inspection
Print and Packaging


Order Code Product Description Sensor Type Mono RGB NIR-block filter Readout Mode
Single Line Trilinear Quadlinear
CP000660-04K-77-M1-A1 allPIXA neo 4k 10GigE Mono Mono        
CP000660-04K-44-M1-A1 allPIXA neo 4k CXP Mono (on request) Mono        
CP000660-04K-77-C1-A1 allPIXA neo 4k 10GigE Color Color + Mono  
CP000660-04K-44-C1-A1 allPIXA neo 4k CXP Color Color + Mono  
CP000660-06K-77-M1-A1 allPIXA neo 6k 10GigE Mono Mono        
CP000660-06K-44-M1-A1 allPIXA neo 6k CXP Mono (on request) Mono        
CP000660-06K-77-C1-A1 allPIXA neo 6k 10GigE Color Color + Mono  
CP000660-06K-44-C1-A1 allPIXA neo 6k CXP Color Color + Mono  
CP000660-06K-77-C2-A1 allPIXA neo 6k 10GigE Color-NIR Color + NIR  
CP000660-06K-44-C2-A1 allPIXA neo 6k CXP Color-NIR Color + NIR  



  allPIXA neo 4k allPIXA neo 6k
Interface 10GiGE CoaXPress 10GiGE CoaXPress
Number of pixels 4096 4096 6144 6144
Active pixel size 7 μm x 7 μm 7 μm x 7 μm 5 μm x 5 μm 5 μm x 5 μm
Interface connector RJ45 (10GBASE-T) 2x CXP-12 RJ45 (10GBASE-T) 2x CXP-12
Max. line rate, single line 270 kHz 300 kHz 180 kHz 240 kHz
Max. line rate, Tri-linear 90 kHz 105 kHz 60 kHz 80 kHz
Max. line rate, quad-linear 70 kHz 80 kHz 45 kHz 60 kHz
Power over ethernet/CXP PoE PoCXP PoE PoCXP
Data format 8/10/12 Bit
Power supply 12-24V DC ± 10%
Trigger mode Free run, external trigger, line trigger, frame trigger or encoder
Operating temperature 0° to 60° housing temperature
Dimensions 62 mm x 62 mm x 62 mm
Lens mount M42 x 1/F-mount/TFL adapters
Weight 350 g
Certifications CE; RoHS


Data Sheet
Title Part Number Download
allPIXA neo Data Sheet *.pdf



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