LED Colors and Types

LEDs are the widely used basis for lighting in machine vision.

Chromasens offers a wide range of LED types:

  •  2 white LED types

  • 11 LED types with dedicated colors and wavelengths

Combinations of different LED types within one assembly create lighting for special applications. For example, a broadband light source is realized by combining white LEDs with IR LEDs.

Chromasens offers two different solutions:

  • LED boards with several individually controllable LED types.
  • LED boards with the combination of two LED types within one string for use in price-critical applications.

Cold white LED (5500 K) are the right choice for most standard applications. High radiant power and high efficiency are advantageous. In applications that require high sensitivity in the reddish colors is the warm white LED (3500 K). Example of this is the inspection of veneers.

Quality control of food or sorting of plastic waste often requires the use of cameras in the wavelength range from 1000 to 1700 nm. The use of LEDs provides an alternative to the usual halogen light sources. Advantages are the lifetime and the selection from dedicated wavelengths.

  Solution 1 Solution 2-D50 Solution 3
UV (365 nm)   x  
White (5500 K) x x  
White (3500 K)   x x
Blue (452 nm)     x
Green (520 nm)   x x
Deep red (730 nm)     x
IR (850 nm)     x
IR (940 nm)     x
Raster 170 nm x    
Raster 340 nm   x x
No. of Channels 1 4 7
Independent control   x x