3DPIXA pro dual 70µm


Chromasens 3DPIXA pro dual 70µm combines state-of-the-art line scan camera technology with fast 3D stereo computation on graphics cards. The stereo line scan camera delivers 3D data and colour images simultaneously. This technology allows the use of lighting that is optimized for the application.

Technical Specifications
Stereo camera with lenses (factory calibrated)
Tri-linearer CCD Sensor (RGB)
Active pixel size
10 μm x 10 μm
Camera Link Base/Medium/Full, External I/O, Serial (RS-232), Power supply (Hirose)
Power supply
24 V DC +/- 10% 38 W
Trigger mode
Free run / external trigger
Operating temperature
0°C to 60°C, 32°F to 140°F (housing temperature)
Additional accessories
Chromasens Corona II illumination
CE, FCC compliant, RoHS
Camera Specifications
Optical resolution 70 µm/pixel
Field of View 500 mm
Number of pixel 7142 pixel
Height Resolution 7 µm
Height range 48.9 mm
Free working distance 583.2 mm
Max. speed 2079 mm/s
Line frequency 29.7 kHz
Dimensions 220 x 99 x 463 mm
Detailed drawings and 3D-models can be found in the Download section.
Data Sheet
Title Download
3DPIXA Data Sheet *.pdf
立体线阵扫描相机 Data Sheet in Chinese *.pdf
Title Download
3DPIXA Broschüre *.pdf
3DPIXA Getting Started *.pdf
3DPIXA Manual *.pdf
3DPIXA System Requirements *.pdf
Technical Drawings
Title ID & Code Download
3DPIXA compact 15µm CP000470-C01-015-0040 *.pdf*.zip
3DPIXA compact 15µm f/11 CP000470-C11-015-0040 *.pdf*.zip
3DPIXA compact 30µm CP000470-C01-030-0105 *.pdf*.zip
3DPIXA compact 30µm f/11 CP000470-C11-030-0105 *.pdf*.zip
3DPIXA wave compact 8µm CP000600-C01-008-0036 *.pdf*.zip
3DPIXA wave compact 10µm CP000600-C01-010-0056 *.pdf*.zip
3DPIXA wave compact 12µm CP000600-C01-012-0075 *.pdf*.zip
3DPIXA pro dual 2µm HR CP000520-D02-002-0016 *.pdf*.zip
3DPIXA pro dual 5µm HR CP000520-D02-005-0035 *.pdf*.zip
3DPIXA pro dual 15µm CP000520-D01-015-0105 *.pdf*.zip
3DPIXA dual 30µm CP000470-D01-030-0210 *.pdf*.zip
3DPIXA pro dual 30µm CP000520-D01-030-0210 *.pdf*.zip
3DPIXA dual 70µm CP000470-D01-070-0500 *.pdf*.zip
3DPIXA pro dual 70µm CP000520-D03-070-0500 *.pdf*.zip
3DPIXA pro dual 70µm f/11 CP000520-D02-070-0500 *.pdf*.zip
3DPIXA pro dual 96µm CP000520-E01-096-0700 *.pdf*.zip
3DPIXA pro dual 200µm CP000520-D02-200-1400 *.pdf*.zip
3DPIXA dual 335µm CP000470-E01-300-1000 *.pdf*.zip
3DPIXA pro dual 615µm CP000520-E02-615-4400 *.pdf*.zip
3DPIXA pro dual 630µm CP000520-E01-630-2450 *.pdf*.zip
3DPIXA wave dual 7µm CP000600-D02-007-0100 *.pdf*.zip
3DPIXA wave dual 10µm CP000600-D02-010-0150 *.pdf*.zip
3DPIXA wave dual 20µm CP000600-D02-020-0294 *.pdf*.zip
3DPIXA wave dual 30µm CP000600-D02-030-0450 *.pdf*.zip
General Introductions
Title Download
3DPIXA General Introduction *.pdf
Title Download
Application Overview *.pdf
Repeatability *.pdf
Options and challenges with wirebond inspection *.pdf
Chromasens Camera API
Title Download
API Manual *.pdf
API Release Notes *.pdf
API Code and Samples *.zip
HSI Description *.pdf
CST (Camera Setup Tool)
Title Download
CST *.zip
CST Release Notes *.pdf
Title Download
3D-Viewer Manual *.pdf
3D-API Manual *.pdf
3D-Software-Package Windows *.exe
Release Notes *.txt
Release Notes - Calibration V2 *.txt
3D-Software-Package Linux (Beta Version) Ubuntu 16.04 *.zip
3D Camera Toolkit für LabVIEW *.vip

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