3DPIXA wave dual 7µm


The Chromasens 3DPIXA wave dual 7µm is ideally suited for applications with the highest measurement requirements with a very wide detection range of 100mm.

Technical Specifications
Stereo camera with lenses (factory calibrated)
Tri-linearer CMOS Sensor (RGB)
Active pixel size
5,6 μm x 5,6 μm
Camera Link Base/Medium/Full, External I/O, Serial (RS-232), Power supply (Hirose)
Power supply
24 V DC +/- 10% 40 W
Trigger mode
Free run / external trigger
Operating temperature
0°C to 60°C, 32°F to 140°F (housing temperature)
Additional accessories
Chromasens Corona II illumination
CE, FCC compliant, RoHS
Camera Specifications
Optical resolution 6.8 µm/pixel
Field of View 100 mm
Number of pixel 14700 pixel
Height Resolution 0.44 µm
Height range 0.9 mm
Free working distance 140.4 mm
Max. speed 124 mm/s
Line frequency 18.4 kHz
Dimensions 482 x 99 x 352 mm
Detailed drawings and 3D-models can be found in the Download section.
Data Sheet
Title Download
3DPIXA Data Sheet *.pdf
立体线阵扫描相机 Data Sheet in Chinese *.pdf
Title Download
3DPIXA Broschüre *.pdf
3DPIXA Getting Started *.pdf
3DPIXA Manual *.pdf
3DPIXA System Requirements *.pdf
Technical Drawings
Title ID & Code Download
3DPIXA compact 15µm CP000470-C01-015-0040 *.pdf*.zip
3DPIXA compact 15µm f/11 CP000470-C11-015-0040 *.pdf*.zip
3DPIXA compact 30µm CP000470-C01-030-0105 *.pdf*.zip
3DPIXA compact 30µm f/11 CP000470-C11-030-0105 *.pdf*.zip
3DPIXA wave compact 8µm CP000600-C01-008-0036 *.pdf*.zip
3DPIXA wave compact 10µm CP000600-C01-010-0056 *.pdf*.zip
3DPIXA wave compact 12µm CP000600-C01-012-0075 *.pdf*.zip
3DPIXA pro dual 2µm HR CP000520-D02-002-0016 *.pdf*.zip
3DPIXA pro dual 5µm HR CP000520-D02-005-0035 *.pdf*.zip
3DPIXA pro dual 15µm CP000520-D01-015-0105 *.pdf*.zip
3DPIXA dual 30µm CP000470-D01-030-0210 *.pdf*.zip
3DPIXA pro dual 30µm CP000520-D01-030-0210 *.pdf*.zip
3DPIXA dual 70µm CP000470-D01-070-0500 *.pdf*.zip
3DPIXA pro dual 70µm CP000520-D03-070-0500 *.pdf*.zip
3DPIXA pro dual 70µm f/11 CP000520-D02-070-0500 *.pdf*.zip
3DPIXA pro dual 96µm CP000520-E01-096-0700 *.pdf*.zip
3DPIXA pro dual 200µm CP000520-D02-200-1400 *.pdf*.zip
3DPIXA dual 335µm CP000470-E01-300-1000 *.pdf*.zip
3DPIXA pro dual 615µm CP000520-E02-615-4400 *.pdf*.zip
3DPIXA pro dual 630µm CP000520-E01-630-2450 *.pdf*.zip
3DPIXA wave dual 7µm CP000600-D02-007-0100 *.pdf*.zip
3DPIXA wave dual 10µm CP000600-D02-010-0150 *.pdf*.zip
3DPIXA wave dual 20µm CP000600-D02-020-0294 *.pdf*.zip
3DPIXA wave dual 30µm CP000600-D02-030-0450 *.pdf*.zip
General Introductions
Title Download
3DPIXA General Introduction *.pdf
Title Download
Application Overview *.pdf
Repeatability *.pdf
Options and challenges with wirebond inspection *.pdf
Chromasens Camera API
Title Download
API Manual *.pdf
API Release Notes *.pdf
API Code and Samples *.zip
HSI Description *.pdf
CST (Camera Setup Tool)
Title Download
CST *.zip
CST Release Notes *.pdf
Title Download
3D-Viewer Manual *.pdf
3D-API Manual *.pdf
3D-Software-Package Windows *.exe
Release Notes *.txt
Release Notes - Calibration V2 *.txt
3D-Software-Package Linux (Beta Version) Ubuntu 16.04 *.zip
3D Camera Toolkit für LabVIEW *.vip

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