allPIXA evo 8K DXGE Mono X


The allPIXA evo 8K mono camera offers CMOS performance with CCD image quality. The novel multi-line CMOS mono sensor enables TDI options at full speed. Line rates up to 100 kHz are possible with the fast and cost-efficient 10 GigE interface.

Description ID & Code
allPIXA evo 8K DXGE Color X CP000620-S-08K-11-F1-C1-X
allPIXA evo 8K DXGE Mono X CP000620-S-08K-11-F1-M-X
allPIXA evo 10K DXGE Color CP000590-10K-DXGE
allPIXA evo 10K DXGE Mono CP000590-10K-DXGE-M
allPIXA evo 15K DXGE Color CP000590-15K-DXGE
allPIXA evo 15K DXGE Mono CP000590-15K-DXGE-M
Technical Specifications
CMOS line scan sensor
Number of pixels
8,192 x 2 pixel
Active pixel size
5 µm x 5 µm
Max. Line rate
Mono: 8,192 x 1 pixel up to 100 kHz (Single/Dual 10GigE)
ROI Mode
up to 100 kHz
Data format
Mono: 1 x 8/10/12 Bit
TDI Optionen
8 x TDI (2 x on chip, 4 x digital)
Trigger mode
Free run / externeal trigger / encoder / frame trigger
Dual 10GigE
2 x SFP+ (copper and fiber connectors)
Power Supply (Hirose)
External I/O (DSUB)
USB2.0 (Micro USB)
Power supply
12 – 24V DC +-20%
Operating temperature
0°C to 60°C, 32°F to 140°F (housing temperature)
102 x 76 x 82 mm (W x H x D)
Lens adaption
M72 x 0.75 mm
CE, FCC compliant, RoHS
Detailed drawings and 3D-models can be found in the Download section.
Data Sheet
Title ID & Code Download
allPIXA evo 8K DXGE Data Sheet *.pdf
allPIXA evo 8k DXGE Chinese CP000620-S-08K-11-F1-C1-X *.pdf
彩色线阵扫描相机 Chinese *.pdf
allPIXA evo 10k/15k DXGE Data Sheet *.pdf
Title Download
allPIXA evo DXGE Manual *.pdf
allPIXA evo DXGE - Getting started with 10 GigE *.pdf
allPIXA evo 8k Features Reference *.pdf
allPIXA evo 10k / 15k Features Reference *.pdf
Valid Trigger/IO and Encoder wiring for the allPIXA evo 1.0 *.pdf
Technical Drawings
Title ID & Code Download
allPIXA evo 8k DXGE CP000620-S-08K-11-F1-C1-X *.pdf*.zip
allPIXA evo 8k DXGE mono CP000620-S-08K-11-F1-M-X *.pdf*.zip
allPIXA evo 10k DXGE CP000590-10K-DXGE *.pdf*.zip
allPIXA evo 10k DXGE mono CP000590-10K-DXGE-M *.pdf*.zip
allPIXA evo 15k DXGE CP000590-15K-DXGE *.pdf*.zip
allPIXA evo 15k DXGE mono CP000590-15K-DXGE-M *.pdf*.zip
Title Download
CSI-CSharp *.zip
allPIXA evo 8k Firmware *.zip
allPIXA evo 8k Firmware Release Notes *.pdf
allPIXA evo 10k Firmware *.zip
allPIXA evo 10k / 15k Firmware Release Notes *.pdf
allPIXA evo 15k Firmware *.zip
GCT (GenICam Camera Tool)
Title Download
How to switch from SphinxLib to the CSGenICAM-SDK *.pdf
CSGenICam_SDK *.pdf
GCT v2.x *.exe
GCT manual v2.x *.pdf
GCT v1.x *.exe
GCT manual v1.x *.pdf
GigE Vision Communication Library (Sphinx)
Title Download
Read me first! *.txt
Manual Sphinx GenICam-Library *.zip
Sphinx GenICam-Library *.zip

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