The new Chromasens chromaPIXA line scan camera enables stable inline color measurement in a wide variety of extended color spaces, greatly simplifying downstream color processing. The chromaPIXA’s output in CIE-L*a*b* format allows for the determination of color differences in respect to the perception of the human eye. The chromaPIXA is calibrated by using the intuitive chromaCalc software and is compatible with all standard color charts.

Technical Specifications
Trilinearer CCD-Farbzeilensensor
Active pixel size
10 μm * 10 μm
Max. Line rate
4096 x 3 Pixel bis 50,8 kHz
sRGB, eciRGB, AdobeRGB, Cie-L*a*b*, CIE-XYZ
3 x 8/10 Bit Farbe oder interner 3 x 14 Bit A/D-Wandler
Camera Link @ 85MHz Full, Medium, Base
Trigger mode
Freilauf / Externer Trigger
Line Trigger, Frame Trigger
chromaCalc Software generiert Kalibrierdaten zur Berechnung der Farbausgabe
Empfohlen wird Chromasens Corona II D50 für best Qualität
CameraLink Full, Medium, Base
Spannungsversorgung (Hirose)
Externe I/O (15pin DSub)
CE, FCC compliant, RoHS
Power supply
24 V DC +/- 10 %, max. 19 W RS232
Operating temperature
0°C bis 60°C, 32°F bis 140°F (Gehäusetemperatur)
Objektivadapter / Zubehör
Große Vielfalt an Adaptern: F-Mount, C-Mount, M39x1/26", M42x1, M72x0.75
Camera Specifications
Dimensions Länge = 102 mm, Höhe =100 mm, Tiefe = 77 mm mm
Data Sheet
Title Download
chromaPIXA Data Sheet *.pdf
彩色线阵扫描相机 Data Sheet in Chinese *.pdf
Title Download
allPIXA pro Manual *.pdf
allPIXA pro Configuration Sheet *.pdf
Technische Zeichnung
Title ID & Code Download
chromaPIXA - 2k CP000584-2048 *.pdf , *.zip
chromaPIXA - 4k CP000584-4096 *.pdf , *.zip
chromaPIXA - 5k CP000584-5120 *.pdf , *.zip
chromaPIXA - 6000px *.zip , *.pdf
chromaPIXA - 7.3k CP000584-7300 *.pdf , *.zip
Chromasens Camera API
Title Download
API Manual *.pdf
API Release Notes *.pdf
API Code and Samples *.zip
HSI Description *.pdf
CST (Camera Setup Tool)
Title Download
CST Release Notes *.pdf
CST *.zip
Framegrabber Support
Title Download
Matrox *.zip
Dalsa *.zip
Ginga *.zip
Title Download
chromaCalc (Color Calibration Tool) *.zip
chromaCalc Manual *.pdf
CIELAB-Output Conversion (Color processing support functions) *.zip
Title Download
allPIXA pro Accessories Catalog *.pdf
Technical Drawing Accessories 2K/4K
Title ID & Code Download
C-Mount Adapter CP000387 *.zip , *.pdf
4k Adapter M42x1-A45,46 CP000434 *.pdf , *.zip
Adapter -MF (Modular Fokus) CP000386 *.pdf , *.zip
Adapter M42x0,75(Schneider Unifoc 58) CP000461 *.pdf , *.zip
Adapter V-Mount (Schneider Unifoc 12) CP000462 *.pdf , *.zip
F-Mount Adapter CP000385 *.zip , *.pdf
4k Tubus 20, 40, 60, 80, 100mm CP000389-393 *.pdf , *.zip
Technical Drawing Accessories 5k/6000/7K
Title ID & Code Download
7k-allPIXA-Adapter M72x0,75-RF
 CP000457 *.zip , *.pdf
7k Tubus 20, 40, 60, 80, 100mm
 CP000423-427 *.pdf , *.zip
7k-allPIXA-Adapter Modular Focus CP000428 *.pdf , *.zip
7k-Adapter M58x0,75 (Schneider Unifoc 76) CP000463 *.pdf , *.zip

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